When there's nothing left to lose... (glitterboy4519) wrote in queerbuffalo,
When there's nothing left to lose...


Hello everyone :)

If this post is outside community rules, by all means please let me know and feel free to erase it.

I'm looking for a housemate (immediately!) for a 2-bedroom 1 bath apartment near the Wegmans on Amherst St. I'll keep the details vague in this post, but will be happy to talk or meet at length with anyone who is interested.

Rent is $300 / month, driveway & 2-car garage available for parking. Comment if you may be interested, and we'll exchange contact info.


(Even if you aren't interested, but know somewhere else besides the obvi that I could possibly find a new housemate, I'd be so appreciative if you let me know!)
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